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Mercadian Masques

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Mercadian Masques


Coming after Urza's Saga block, Mercadian Masques had a big burden on its shoulder. Following a successful block of broken cards, keeping the game at that level is no easy task. But still, with the return of pitch spells a la Force of Will and the Rebel Mechanic, it turns out to be a good set with nice shots. Talking about the return of pitch spells, this time it is more serious, as it expands from rares to uncommons and commons.


Misdirection, the blue rare is a pitch for a blue card to redirect a spell to another target, and Vine Dryad is a green creature with forestwalk that only requires another green card as well. The most famous uncommons are Thwart, a counterspell that requires three islands back in hand, but also each colour gets a free creature if both players have certain kinds of basic lands. Common cards are likely stronger than uncommons, as Gush, a draw two for bouncing back two lands, Snuff out, a removal that requires four life and controlling a swamp is arguably strong.

Blue sees the return of old favourite Brainstorm as well as Counterspell, while black has its Dark Ritual. However, there's a new mechanic to introduce - the Rebels that can take themselves out of the library if they share the Rebel creature types and as an instant, it can create a chain of blockers or attackers out from nowhere, like Johvall Queen, Ramosian Sergeant, Captain and Sky Marshall. Exploring other rares, Bribery, a blue sorcery that steals the best creature out of opponent's deck, and two good utility lands, Dust Bowl, a serial nonbasic land destroyer, just on the price of three mana and another land for land, and Rishadan Port, a hugely famous land that taps other lands to create mana denial on slower decks from faster ones.

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