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Conceived in the storyline as a plane invented by Karn the Silver golem, its main theme is all around artifacts. A new kind of artifact card called Equipment is born, a concept of something like a weapon to be borrowed by a creature with certain kinds of bonuses. Other artifact abilities popped up like Imprint, which lets you exile a card under the permanent to get some bonuses and Affinity, which lets you pay one colorless less equal to the amount of certain permanents, normally artifacts.  Speaking of Colorless, the most emblematic permanents are Moxes and Mirrodin is not coming short. Chrome Mox is a zero artifact that when entered in play, it can have any card imprinted and gives one mana of the colour of the card.


Other successful artifacts are Damping Matrix, which stops creatures abilities, Chalice of the Void, a double X spell that depending on the X mana paid counters any spell with that converted cost, Mindslaver, an artifact that sacrificed lets you control the opponent's turn. The last one is famous in a green deck featuring another Mirrodin card, Tooth and Nail. The green sorcery has Entwine, which means two abilities can be chosen differently or together if the entwine cost is paid. Tooth and Nail in specific lets you search the library for two creatures, put them in your hand, and put two creatures in play from your hand afterwards. This deck operates on mana ramping, with Cloudpost, another local land, and Reap and Sow, a land searcher + land destroyer if entwined.

With tons of mana, Mindslaver is a key card to keep the game sealed. Staying on the land side, a cycle of artifact lands. One for each colour is considered artifact permanents in means of destruction or affinity for artifacts. Last but not least, another green card, Troll Ascetic, a 3/2 with Hexproof that has a regeneration ability, famous for carrying equipments with no remorse.

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