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Morningtide is the second part of Lorwyn, and the last one of the happy part of the saga before Shadowmoor. The tribal theme continues and many good cards are coming out from this set.

Starting with lands, Mutavault is a colorless mana that can turn into a 2/2 changeling, and become a staple most tribal oriented decks and controls, then Murmuring Bosk, a triple mana land enhanced by the Treefolk tribe. Going through creature types, Faeries got the bigger boost than anyone else in Bitterblossom and Vendilion Clique.


The blossom is a two mana tribal enchantment that each upkeep put a 1/1 flying faerie for the cost of one life. This card dominated the Standard format of that time and is currently banned in modern because it was considered too powerful. Vendilion Clique is a well known format super stars, as the 3/1 flash flier helped in so many beats around, and being a faerie it helps a lot in these sets. Changing the tribe but not so much the power level, there is Reveillark that represents the elementals. IIt is able to make a couple of power two or less creatures in play when exit from play, either from play or from the Evoke cost.

Another impactful elemental with Changeling ability is Chameleon Colossus. The green 4/4 is protected from black and four mana can be paid anytime to double its power, making it 8/8, 16/16, and so on. Outside of tribal, the two Mind sorceries, Mind Spring and Mind Shatter had seen good play and are still powerful, as one makes draw X cards and the other discards X cards at random.Uncommon and commons are not really superlative in this set, but one finally made the cut for the Elf tribe. Heritage Druid is a 1/1 elf creature costing one, of which tapping three untapped elves gives you three green mana. This card ability doesn't require any haste or similarity, and thus became the engine of all the elves combo deck since then.

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