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The follow up to Mercadian Masque, nemesis, as the saga second set, continues with the same imprint, but introduces a new mechanic as well called fading. Rebels and pitch spells are still around, but fading permanents are something powerful and new. However, power comes with a cost. Fading is an ability that gives permanent time limitations and abilities, as the permanent comes with a definite number of counters, and each upkeep one goes away until it reaches zero and the permanent is sacrificed.


The parallaxes, a series of enchantments are a demonstration to that: Parallax Wave, the white one, enters with five, and using one can exile target creature from the game, but removing one each upkeep leads to a premature return of creatures. However, its time gaining during the game, especially in aggro grinds, is remarkable.Saproling Burst (the green one) creates tokens and all of them have power and toughness equal to the remaining counters. The enchantment joined with some haste to all ability, is a power punch of creatures, which while removing three, beats for twelve the first time, then nine, then six and so on.

Another fading permanent that went deep into games is Tangle Wire. The artifact makes players tap a number of permanents equal to the fading counters on it in each upkeep, but its controller can still tap it to have one less to pay. The Wire is famous in artifact based controls decks everywhere, for its power to freeze games to wait for a good board development. Speaking of rebels, there's Lin Sivvi, the legendary searcher, whose power can be activated by X and puts under the library creatures from the graveyard to take them back continuously. Pitch spells are great in power uncommons like Massacre, a free black -2/-2 to all, blue's Submerge and Ensnare, or the common's Daze that became a powerhouse in legacy as a free Force Spike for just one island back in hand.

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