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The story of Mirari, the artifact begins here in this set made of high graveyard interaction. Threshold and Flashback are the new introduced abilities and while the first one is a trigger that after seven cards in the graveyard gives bonuses, the other lets you replay a spell again for an alternative casting cost, which is then exiled afterwards. Threshold goodness like Mystic Enforcer, that becomes a 6/6 protected flier, or Nimble Mongoose, a 1/1 to 3/3 and shroud, are legacy staple since then. Other threshold stuff is the land cycle, with each colour represented by a typical ability and so far Cephalid Coliseum, draw three and discard three, and Barbarian Ring are demonstrated to be the best ones.


Control decks and Odissey also seem to go along well together, and cards like Shadowmage Infiltrator and the best creature of its time Psychatog are good examples. Psychatog works together with flashback spells, and also Aether Burst, a bounce spell that multiplies the effectiveness for each copy in the graveyard, but mostly with Upheaval. Setting up a long game, and with nine mana, Upheaval, a sorcery that bounces back all the permanents in play, followed by Psychatog, was common, and with no opponent response, it becomes quite deadly.

However, Odissey is also the set of Braids, Cabal Minion, a disruption fancy creature that forces each player to sacrifice a permanent during upkeep, and Entomb, a one mana instant that gets any card from the deck and puts it into the graveyard, common interaction for getting a huge fatty to target with Reanimate back then. A new cycle of colour fixing land is printed as well, which produces two colours while activated with one colourless (such as Skycloud Expanse) that gives white and blue for one colorless. Last but not least, Squirrel's Nest, an enchant land that produces a token while tapped, is famous for being an infinite army creator with Earthcraft. 

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