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Continuing the story of Kamahl and Mirari, Onslaught is based on a clash between huge beasts and heroes in the coliseum. Many legendary creatures as pit fighters all cost six, with three specific and three colourless. Most of them have a ton of playing, like Silvos, a green 8/5 trample regenerating beast, Rorix Bladewing, a 6/5 flying haste creature, Jareth, a immortal blocker, and the two most powerful ones, Visara that destroys a creature just by tapping her, and Arcanis which while tapped makes you draw 3 instead.


However, the set brings some of the most chased lands as well, such as the fetchlands. These lands can either get one of two kinds of basic lands, and most of it just specify the kind, so it can get dual lands as well. Polluted Delta, Bloodstained Mire, Wooded Foothills, Flooded Strand and Windswept Heath have now become the most expensive cards of the set.  The set also offers the cycling mechanic, this time with some ability included, like Renewed Faith, a white card that has 6 life as effect and still gives 2 when cycled.

In support of the cycling mechanic, Astral Slide, an enchantment that exiles a creature until end step each time you cycle a card, and Lightning Rift that triggers in the same way, but deals two damage to any target paying one. These two enchantments and many useful cycling cards gave birth to the White Red Astral Slide deck, famous in standard, block as well as former extended. Other enchantments in the way of playing are the Words, which can replace draws with effects, like words of wind, which bounces permanents and Words of War that deals 2 damage. Many strong cards can be found in morph creatures like Exalted Angel or Quicksilver Dragon, Patriarch's Bidding that reanimates a specific kind of creature, or Oversold Cemetery that helps to bring back creatures in your hand if you have more than four in it. 

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