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Planar Chaos


Time spiral, part two. Planar Chaos continues the odd time feature of the theme, but this time, instead of timeshifted card, there are color shifted ones. Old or less old, some cards switched in colours and got a new name, and sometimes became more played than the original one. For example, Damnation is an overplayed black version of Wrath of God, and Harmonize is a green version of Concentrate. In different colours, the cards had very different impacts.


Another odd factor of Planar Chaos is that there are many single cards with old abilities, like Madness, Kicker, Morph and everything about the Chaos. Akroma (Angel of Fury) is the sister of the white one, but it is red and has morph. Boom/Bust is split card, a red armageddon in one side and a land destroyer in the other. Ana Battlemage remembers the battlemages of Planeshift. Other famous legends like Mirri, Jedid Ojanen and Crovax got a new version with different abilities. A Dragons cycle came back as well, and even though they are new, with Numot, the Devastor on top, they are really close to the Invasion ones.

Other interesting creature cycles are the suspend rares with abilities and the Maguses. Instead of having a normal suspend ability, the suspend rares have an effect when the trigger goes on stack in the upkeep. For example, Detritivore and Aeon Chronicler have a destroy target nonbasic land and draw a card respectively. The maguses of this cycle reflect old famous lands and cards. Many of them are really good, like Magus of the Library for Library of Alexandria, Magus of the Tabernacle, like Legend's Tabernacle at Pendrell's Vale, and Magus of the Vineyard, which gives mana like Eladamri's Vineyard. In conclusion, black has two good addictions in Extirpate, a split-second, exile target cards and all the rest from the graveyard, and Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth, a legendary land that turns any other into swamps.

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