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As a way to have new players join the game with a simplified version of the rules, Wizards introduced Portal. The name itself and its symbol was a way to enter the world of Magic, and it only uses two kinds of cards, except for basic lands, creatures and sorceries. Some of the sorceries are instantly under disguise, as they must be played in the opponent's turn, as written on certain cards, like Blessed Reversal.


The strange attitude of the set is represented in new versions and reprints of old cards, something that no one bothered with until these introduction sets were declared legal for eternal formats, like Legacy and Vintage. As the set itself was completely snobbed by most of the players, all the cards that became playable after that rule change became extremely pricey and rare to find. Other than the set versions of popular sorceries Armageddon, Wrath of God, Natural Order and Earthquake, some cards are proper alternative versions of others, originally limited in their first form and thus playable again in some way.

The cases of Cruel Tutor, a sorcery version of Vampiric Tutor, used in Vintage mostly and in Legacy. Personal Tutor, another sorcery version of the classic Mirage blue Mystical Tutor that searches for an instant or a sorcery and puts it on the top, but also two black sorceries that at three mana destroy respectively all green or all white creatures, copies of Perish with different name one and different colour the second. Last but not least, Gifts of Estate, a white sorcery that at two mana has a Land Tax Effect by itself, it is used in certain decks to amplify the enchantment effect. The set itself doesn't sound impressive nor useful, but its recent value gained a lot just for the last cards, a fate that is shared with other sets of the same structure.

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