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Portal Second Age


After the mild success (in the original year) of Portal, Wizards comes back again with a second edition of the beginner's set. Like the previous one, several regular cards are reprinted within the set, and others are printed with a different name, but with the same casting cost and effect. This will deal in the future, as Portal is released from the limbo of unplayable sets, therefore the doppelganger of the cards actually have a chance to play eight of the same. This scenario is actually not so realistic, as only Time Manipulation, sister of Tempest's Time Warp will really have a chance to be player, but not so high.


Most of the cards in Portal Second Age that are being played are reprints, like Earthquake or Wildfire (two famous red sorceries), or Goblin Matron, another famous goblin fetcher played in Legacy Goblin Deck. White got Armageddon this time as well, but Wrath of God is out, probably because it is considered too powerful for a beginner's environment, and it was exchanged for Righteous Fury, which destroys the tapped one only and gives you 2 life for each one. What's outside of the box is one single card, never being reprinted since this set and after the declaration of Portal being playable in Eternal formats, it jumped into many legacy decks for a long time: Sea Drake.

Sea Drake is a blue flying creature with high stats for its own mana cost, which is a 4/3 for just three. This kind of creature is not straight of course, and it comes with a drawback, which is returning in hand two lands. But if you don't do it, nothing happens. Then the legacy trick is to not bounce the lands, or just play a Mox and a two mana non basic, like City of Traitors or Ancient Tomb and you have your fatty flier on turn one or two without pain. Sea Drake itself revalued the importance of the set, even though it is often forgotten compared to newer cards.

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