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Portal Three Kingdoms


After the first two, Wizards moved their beginners’ set to Asia to raise new players around. The set itself is the only one whose story is outside of the ordinary magic one and it is based on Chinese traditional folklore, and also in printed in three languages including Japanese, Simplified and Traditional Chinese. The charisma of the other two is still intact, with just two kind of cards beside the lands, creatures and “effects”. But to be unique in its form and giving  the Asian players something more flavourful, the flying mechanic disappeared and uses a new keyword called “Horsemanship”. This mechanic works in the same way as flying, but if the cards are played in larger sets, its result is similar to unblockable, as no one has that one beside portal 3 cards.


Most of the rare cards are Legendary, representing heroes, kings and princesses. To be more traditional, there is also a cycle representing the twelve chinese zodiac animals, headed by Zodiac Dragon that gained good money value after the set was declared legal in Eternal formats. This part was also one of the most important news, as the set itself , not very valuable and not cared too much by people as a beginner's one because of unplayable cards, started to burst up in cash value. All the cards with strange and good abilities now playable in Legacy popped up everywhere with enormous prices.

Some of them, because of being a sorcery copy of others like Imperial Seal, a sorcery Vampiric Tutor tout-court, at 1 mana, not at three like its Portal cousin, or others because of good abilities, like Imperial Recruiter that searches for any creature with power two or less and put it in your hand. Nowadays, beside Imperial Seal, nothing is really playable, but the value of the set is still high, as it's considered one of the rarest to find due to its lack of consideration at its first time out.

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