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Premium Deck Series: Fire and Lightning

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Premium Fire & Lightning


After the first Premium deck dedicated to slivers, in 2000 the second one appears, but this time it is dedicated to one of the decks that will lure most of the new players into the game. Fire and Lightning is a mono red deck, made entirely of Premium foils with the 8th edition frame, and as usual 60 cards ready to play. The burn philosophy of the deck makes it a collection of one copy of most of the powerful damage spells in the game, with the exception of Lightning Bolt that comes in a complete four of playset.


All the cards pursue the idea of fast and effective, as we draw efficient, hasty critters and big deal damage spells. The most iconic Fireblast, four damage at the price of sacrifice two mountains to be free, or Price of Progress, the terror of nonbasic lands, but also Chain Lightning, the sorcery Lightning Bolt from legends, Hammer of Bogardan, a Mirage recurring burn, but also Flames of the Blood Hand, to keep life points low where you like them to be. And this side is only by instant and sorceries, while the creature side shows off with good and effective stuff, like Ball Lightning, a proper 6 damage creature / spell, Figure of Destiny, a super strong one drop that will be a good late game beater, Grim Lavamancer, to make a good use of your graveyard as additional burn, but also Jaya Ballard, a red legend with deck fitting abilities.

Among the others, a nice display of the most iconic red cards in their own period, like Jackal Pup or Mogg Flunkies, pass through the hasty beaters Boggart Ram Gang and Hellspark Elemental. Nothing is left out, and almost each single red famous card out of some Red Deck Wins list is here. Lands will also close the circle, with some in colour addiction in Barbarian Ring and Teethering Peaks. If you are a fan of burn and want at least a different version of your pet cards, this deck is a good choice for having at least one of them in a shiny, limited, premium version.

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