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Premium Deck Series: Graveborn

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Premium Graveborn


The third and last Premium deck is dedicated to another famous archetype: reanimator. Due to the unpopular selling of the packages, Graveborn was the last of the series of these 60 cards all foil decks, despite their good quantity of playable cards in an alternative and shiny version. Speaking of the deck, reanimation strategy consists in putting huge threats into the graveyard then putting them into the battlefield afterwards in a cheap way using some dedicated card. The plan itself sounds fantastic, but of course, it's Magic and can have opposing issues in the hand of the opponents, but still we try our best.


The deck shows a selection among the strongest cards for this strategy and relative defense, and a bit less competition in the hand of the fatties, but let's go on. The deck is a straight mono black built and that's the colour where almost all the cards around this theme reside. From the instant speed Entomb, that at a mere one mana puts into the graveyard any card, to its buddy Buried Alive that brings sorcery at three mana, which at least will do for three beasts, we will pass through the classics Animate Dead, a two mana aura to bring back creatures into play, to the overpowered Exhume, two mana no drawback reanimation, and the iconic Reanimate, at one mana and life equal the casting cost will get back anything from anywhere. These are mostly the core cards of the strategy. However, the defence is important, and thus we have Duress and Cabal Therapy to help disrupt the opponent's hand.

Other less straightforward tools are Sickening dreams, to discard your stuck into hand fats as damage, and Zombie Infestation that will turn them into tokens instead of damage. But without the threats reanimation it is useless, so the selected big buddies will help you win the game. Verdant Force, a mana free token generator , Sphinx of Steel Wind, a protected flying Menace, or Inkwell Leviathan, a hexproof islandwalk huge walking menace. Other useful ones can be also Terastodon to destroy permanents or Avatar of Woe to destroy creatures. As the last deck of the series, Graveborn is probably the best in terms of card bargain and price, but most of all, showing a cool full frame foil deck that puts fatties into play is better. 

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