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Premium Deck Series: Slivers

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Premium Deck Slivers

Magic the Gathering and promotional or alternative material are two worlds that collide many times, and most of the ways this happens by some kind of special decks or achievement card. In 2009, Wizards gave birth to an operation called Premium Decks, which consisted in a 60 card ready to play deck with a common theme, and of course some special feature, which is being all premium foil with the latest post 8th edition frame.


The first one is dedicated to one of the most appreciated creature types, Slivers. Slivers are relatively cheap creatures that, while in play, share all the abilities to each other, until they became some huge threat to be aware of. The Premium Deck contains the list five rares, one mythic card and fifty four among commons, lands and uncommons. The cards chosen pursue the interest of a limited package, as most of them have just one or two copies in order to have more possibilities to find more different ones, and have a higher overlook among the typical sliver flavour.

Other non creatures also have a function to push the deck to be funnier, like Coat of Arms that gives +1/+1 to each creature many times as the number of the same kind are in play, and Hivestone that turns all your creatures in slivers. The deck tries to combo out a bit with Amoeba Changeling that being all creature types can be fetched by Sliver Overlord and get all the bonuses, but also can be tapped to give changeling to a target creature to be controlled by Overlord with its ability. The deck is funny to play, all the sliver chosen have good abilities and there are at least one or two of the most famous ones, like Muscle Sliver, Crystalline Sliver and Hybernation Sliver, making this strictly limited edition deck a good choice for playing and for collection purposes.

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