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Ravnica, City of Guilds


Ravnica: City of Guilds is a well known set, for the many news it brings. First, a new dual land cycle, same double basic land values, but balanced in power level with a come into play 2 life, then the introduction of Guilds. Guilds are using colour couples as a banner and they are part of the theme itself, with specific cards and mechanics. Ravnica brings many power level cards, and as a bigger set, some guild-oriented and some outside with Dredge mechanic brought by Golgari recognized as the most powerful of all, and Transmute the second best.


Dredge is a mechanic that lets you mill yourself cards and draw the one you choose from the graveyard. Different cards have different costs, but all went to fill the lines of the banner deck, Dredge, due to its easy way to make the graveyard full in no time. Outside of the reanimator, Life from the Loam is another dredge spell with plenty of plays as a land recover tool. Transmute is a Dimir mechanic that lets you tutor cards as the same mana of the spell used. An example is Muddle the Mixture, a two mana counter, paying three is a not counterable tutor for two mana cards.


Other honourable mentions go to Loxodon Hierarch, a 4/4 creature with 4 life built in, Glare of Subdual, an Opportunity style enchantment that taps creatures and artifacts. The last two cards I’m talking about are probably the most powerful and the most famous. Dark Confidant, a black 2/1 creature for two, is now a staple in many decks due to its ability to draw an additional card each turn and lose life for the mana cost.

As a creature and known for its cheap price, it finds many ways to be played. Chord of Calling is a green instant, using Convoke, the Selesnya ability that allows tap creatures to get discount on mana, lets you put in play any creature with equal mana cost in play. Birthing Pod and Elves deck abuse  this card as generating plenty of permanents and mana, but it doesn't require too much to have powerful threats directly in play.

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