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Return to Ravnica


The original Ravnica set was famous, really famous that needed a return. Most of it was due to the presence of a second incarnation of dual lands, nicknamed “shocklands” for their come into play drawback. Return to Ravnica explores the concept of guilds again, the story and as well the reprinting of the mentioned duals. First set of three brings cards for the first five guilds, their lands, leaders and abilities.


The most famous card that came out is probably Deathrite Shaman. The one drop is played everywhere, from Vintage to Standard, and is requested all around the world. Remaining on the aggressive side, there's also Abrupt Decay and Loxodon Smiter, respectively a non land Vindicate and a three mana 4/4 that cannot be countered. Control also got his fine chance to have superior tools, as Azorius Charm, Sphinx's Revelation and Supreme Verdict are now the basic cards for control in Standard and the last two in wider format as a non counterable wrath and a draw plus life engine.

As a closer eye on standard, more cards made impact before and now, like Jace, Architect of Thought, a super controllish planeswalker, or Angel of Serenity, a mythic angel who got his own deck for a while, including Lotleth Troll as well. Less played but impactful mentions are Vraska the Unseen, a golgari planeswalker with good abilities, Rakdos' Return, a powerful discard plus fireball to fight controls and Ash Zealot, a haste two drop that is commonly played in any red decklist nowadays. On the uncommon side Izzet Charm was included many times in Scapeshift and Twin in Modern decks, Selesnya Charm is a versatile tool for removing fatties and combat tricks, Rakdos's Cackler a good hybrid one drop and Ultimate Price a mono coloured card removal, useful to destroy black creatures. 

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