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Unlimited set opened a new concept in core expansions that linked white border to reprints. Revised, after the glory of the first three, came out in this new setup. Printed in April 1994, not even a year after Alpha release, and the two sets Arabian Nights and Antiquities, it is followed in a short time by Legends, the third expansion set. The game was still new, but its success was escalating quickly, and its demand was following the trend.


Revised came out in this environment, fast of releases, but already setup to keep old stuff in its value. So, running on this thought, the set contains most of the first three limited editions, including all the ten dual lands, some cards from Arabian Nights and Antiquities, the two first expansion sets, but removed from all the powerful cards, like the power nine cards for sure, and the expansions big ones like Library of Alexandria or Candelabra of Tawnos. The set is also famous for its washed out printing colour, which is really pale compared to the others, rectified by Summer Edition in the same year after two months.

As the first long printing set, Revised is also the first commercial move to reprint other cards in a lesser value, with a white border, but it still retains some value for certain cards, never been reprinted after then. Those certain cards are the ten dual lands, with Volcanic Island and Tropical Island on the top, Demonic Tutor, Demonic Hordes, the last one being not really a good one, but never to be seen later. Because of the last one, Revised still retains a bit of power, as those are currently played around in Legacy, Vintage and Commander.  White bordered certainly looks cheap or less valuable, but they are an option for many players that are not willing to spend three times the price for unlimited or more for Beta. Revised can also be classified as the first regular core edition, a tradition that still remains till today.

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