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Rise of Eldrazi


Rise of Eldrazi, the latest  part  of the Zendikar cycle is something that cannot be taken lightly. Some of the format defining cards of the last few years are included in this set. As the name suggests, Eldrazi creatures come and go with a huge impact. All these creatures and the Eldrazi Conscription, an aura to turn others into similar beasts, have two key abilities to make them overplayed: annihilator, a trigger that when they attack forces the opponent to sacrifice permanents are equal to the number of the card, example 4, and abilities that go directly with the stack when played, before hitting play, and when they go to the graveyard from anywhere, they will be shuffled back with all the other cards.


In case of the top three, Emrakul, the Aeon Thorns is the most played in every format: one additional turn when cast, annihilator 6, flying and protection from spells. Being a 15/15 also makes it a screaming “use me in broken ways”, as Sneak and Show deck explains in Legacy or RG Tron in Modern. Kozilek and Ulamog are the other played couple, similar abilities and one that lets you draw four and the other destroy target permanent.

But not only Eldrazi cards are the most used here - Splinter Twin is a red aura that gets a deck by itself in Modern. It makes two cards a deadly combo with creatures such as Deceiver Exarch or Pestermite, that while enchanted can put a copy of themselves in play with haste, comes into the battlefield ability targets the enchanted one and untap it, then rinse repeat until you have an endless army of haste tokens and kills. Still the tournament front, there is also Linvala, Keeper of Silence, a good tool to stop opponent's creature abilities, and Vengevine, a recursive green creature that has played in many graveyard based decks.

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