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Saviors of Kamigawa


The last piece of the Japanese themed cycle is like the other sets, really flavourish but yet not as powerful as expected. Many cards of the set get the cut to be played, but momentarily or situational. Kataki, War's Wage is probably the first one to come out, due to her ability to give all artifacts in play a maintenance cost one mana cost during each upkeep, and its presence against artifact based decks is powerful.


Another cycle of cards which saw play many times is the Ideals. Once these five cards are played, it cannot let you play any other spells, but they are copied continuously each upkeep. Enduring Ideal, the white one, searches for Enchantment spells and puts them in play, and there were many combo decks involving this one, with Form of The Dragon, Solitary Confinement, Dovescape and so on, using each turn to build a soft lock and kill the opponent.

Another couple that showed up is Kami of the Crescent Moon and Ebony Owl Netsuke, both played in the same deck that makes opponent draw tons of cards and kill it with the Netsuke or other methods. Erayo, Soratami Ascendant is another card that shows up sometimes, as it’s a spell blocker for opponents - once flipped after four spells in the same turns, it counters any first spell of the opponent each turn. Passing to the colorless side, four lands that proved to be useful and one artifact. Oboro, Castle in the Clouds is an island that can come back in hand when needed, Tomb of Urami makes all your land sacrificed to get a 5/5 flying token that sometimes proves useful to win, and the other two are Mikokoro that lets anyone draw, and Miren, a land that sacrifices creatures for life points. The artifact is Pithing Needle. A multi-level famous card, low costing and effective in stopping any activated ability when needed.

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