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Scars of Mirrodin


And then we came back to the Mirrodin plan. The new trip to the plane is another artifact based set, which brings a lot of new stuff around. Metalcraft is a new mechanic, which gives some bonuses if you control at least three artifacts or more, the case of the new Mox Opal, a legendary mana enabler that with the mentioned ability give some mana of any colour, or Etched Champion, a colorless 2/2 that gets protection from all the colours instead.


Three new planeswalkers are coming as well with a brand new Elspeth version, the blue white Venser and the all-in red aggro oriented Koth of the Hammer. Both Elspeth and Koth have seen a lot of play on tournament level, while Venser is considered a bit on the edge, but still playable. There's also a new land cycle with good colour couples, a really strong one that let the lands enter into play untapped until you have two or less other lands, and tapped later.

Blackcleave Cliffs and Seachrome Coast are already two staple lands in Modern, respectively in Jund and UWR control. On the artifact side, there are nice new addictions as well. Wurmcoil Engine, a big bad artifact monster, with lifelink and deathtouch, that gives trouble when it dies, it becomes a new tool of disruption against damage related decks with a 6 power lifegain, it's easy to go up. A new sword, memorable from the other mirrodin cycle, is Sword of Body and Mind, protection from green and blue that when it hits the opponent mills from ten and gives you a nice 2/2 token. Honorable mentions to Memnite, a 1/1 artifact that cost zero and the other mechanics of the set infect a revamped version of the poison rule with a keyword, and proliferate that grows the number of counters in play, useful to raise the poison counters on players as well.

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