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Scourge, the last set of Onslaught block, abandons the creature theme that was before. The cycle mechanic continues and this time with more flavour. The cycle of five Decree Of are some cards that played or cycled are offering strong effects on board, and the white one, Decree of Justice, a big token maker, and Decree of Pain, a -2/-2 instant if cycled or a big Wrath of God by hand are certainly the best ones.


But cycling aside, its the presence of something like never before that makes this set tingle, and it's the Storm mechanic. Storm changed the way combo decks were played since then, and each spell with this keyword on it is copied many times as the number of spells played that turn. The rare Mind's Desire costs six and lets you reveal the first card and play it for free. Tendrils of Agony deals 2 damage and you gain two life, Brain Freeze mills 3 cards and Wing Shards makes sacrifice an attacker. Multiply this effect for any mana ritual, artifact costing 0, cheap draw, and then you will know the sheer power of this mechanic.

It's so powerful that in the same set, they printed Stifle, a card to stop it. Stifle at one mana, other than stopping the Storm trigger, counters any one target activated or triggered ability. Many decks play it just to disturb others in the first turn, that in case of a fetchland it can be a land destruction and a potential Time Walk. Last cards, on the other side of the barrier, are Sulfuric Vortex and Pyrostatic Pillar. The two red enchantments are blocking life gain and deal 2 to each player every upkeep, and deal 2 damage to any controller of a spell costing three or less, a powerful defense for Red Deck Wins against combo, life gaining and so on. 

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