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Shadowmoor, continuing the story of Lorwyn block, is yet another big set. Dividing the theme in two parts, Shadowmoor is the darkest half of that world and all the cards reflect this environment. First hybrid mana is returned, then there are two new abilities that will endure Eventide: wither and persist. The two abilities are correlated as wither deals damage in form of -1/-1 counters, and persist lets the creature come back when it dies one time, with an additional -1/-1 and only if it hasn’t had one.


As wither is mainly ignored outside of Standard and block, Persist has two famous cards that combo with Melira in Modern, Kitchen Finks and Murderous Redcap. Aside from the two persistent guys, Shadowmoor has a long list of strong cards. First, there's a reprint of Reflecting Pool and a new land cycle nicknamed “filter lands”, as it gives a 2 different mana or two of the same kind with a hybrid activation cost.


Shadowmoor has the friendly colour couples while Eventide has the enemy ones. The colour couples are not revealed for nothing, as there's a cycle of Liege and Deities for each one. In this case Wilt-leaf Liege, the white green one, is highly played in Legacy and Modern. Still in the hybrid zone there's Fulminator Mage, a red black creature that likes to destroy nonbasic lands, Oona, Queen of the Fae, the tribal leader of Faeries, a typical control oriented fatty, and Oversoul of Dusk, used in many midrange controls as a good beater with three different colour protections.

In single color glory Runed Halo, a white enchantment that gives you a protection from one card you choose and Prismatic Omen, a future card in Valakut Modern decks. On the uncommon side, many good ones, and other than the two mentioned persist guys, Firespout, a hybrid red green three damage sweeper, and Spectral Procession, a white token maker played everywhere as it gives three fliers for three mana. 

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