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Shards of Alara


Shards of Alara is a block set famous for codifying certain kinds of colour triples by getting names of destroyed planes in its theme. Since then Jund, Esper, Naya, Bant and Grixis are well known for representing certain colours and decks. Many tournament level cards made an appearance in this set, and starting from Planeswalkers, we have four this time with Elspeth, Knight Errant as an unchallenged leader.


The four mana white planeswalker is known for having all good +1 abilities, and being a terror in limited formats. The others, Ajani Vengeant, Sarkhan Vol and Tezzeret, The Seeker are good cards, and they've been played many times. Then we have the Ultimatum cycle, a 7 mana themed spell for each plane, with Cruel Ultimatum being the scariest one, and highly played in many control decks as a winning condition or board stabilizer.


A card that has to be mentioned by itself is Ad Nauseam. The five mana black sorcery is one of the engines of many combo decks, mostly in eternal formats, as it allows you to draw all the cards you want until you stop and pay life equal to their casting costs. Other mentionable cards are the two coloured artifact creatures, Master of Etherium and Ethersworn Canonist. Master is a blue three drop, with power and toughness equal to the number of artifacts that also gives +1/+1 to other creatures, it is a staple in affinity decks in modern in many lists.

The Canonist is a white two drop that is more like a good sideboard card against combo, as it doesn't let any player cast more than one non artifact spell each turn. Last but not least, the charm cycle uses the same colour combination as the planes, where Jund Charm and Bant Charm are the most played, with a good amount of nice effects packed together. 

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