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Starter 1999


After the two portals  and their consequent transmigration to the other side of the planet, particularly in Asia, Wizards pursue their will to develop the game for new players and printed Starter 1999. The set is composed by traditional cards reprinted in the occasion, and 26 new ones made exactly for the set. Many new players had another chance to start learning how to play Magic without the trouble of complicated abilities, artifacts, enchantments and auras. Just basic and simple creature fights and single use spells. This way left some space to create other cards for the occasion, but no one remembered it until the set was known being legal in set. Suddenly someone remembered that there was another tutor to look for Grim Tutor. The cards resemble a lot to its cousin Demonic Tutor, which is the perfect example, two mana, get one card and put it in your hand. Grim Tutor costs three, does the same function but takes three life off of you as well.

Even though this kind of card can be just a good one in appearance, eternal formats like Vintage are hungry for this kind of “take whatever you like” card, and it was restricted to one shortly afterwards. Beside Grim Tutor no other cards is remembered by the set, aside from some alternative versions of commons, some rares and uncommons with no particular appeal outside the collection of any possible version of specific cards. Funny to see, the previous Time Warp specular Time Manipulation was switched by the original one. Anything else this path is nothing to be considered too much, except actually for the Tutor. As the set is a low printed version, it is also a bit expensive in terms of regular alternative cards, mainly represented by Armageddon. In other ways, the set is famous just for a single card and alternatives, nothing more.

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