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Starter 2000


After the decadence of entry level sets such as Portal, Portal Second Age, Portal Three Kingdom and Starter 1999, this time everything was reduced by importance and relevance. Starter 2000 is a product made for beginners, but was released as a 53 only set with no stand out cards, unique cards or others. The set didn't have any proper release as well, and it was distributed in the form of pre constructed decks for the sake of giving them away to new players and learning the game. The cards have no symbol on them, white bordered and are divided in two ready made decks for playing. After four trials of printing a proper big set, Wizards considered that giving some basic cards for free just for the sake of learning was the best way, and so with Starter 2000 it finishes the era of Entry Levels.

Being also difficult to differ from the original ones, it makes the set almost impossible to find and also impossible to discern from others, relegating all these packs to some amateur shelf or on a dark corner of a drawer, with no real back value card, like the first four with some good call evaluated after several years. 

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