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The second part of the Rath cycle continues to spoil people with good cards. As Tempest did, Stronghold brings some good combo pieces onto the table, like Dream Halls and Mox Diamond. The first is an enchantment that lets you play every spell without any mana cost, just by discarding another one that shares a colour with it from your hand. Mox Diamond is a successor of the original Moxes, but instead of a single colour it can be used for any, but it requires a land to be discarded as an additional casting cost.


Another sort of combo card is Intruder Alarm, an enchantment that prevents creatures from untapping but it untaps them all if another one enters in play - combined with some token generator and mana dudes, it can be devastating to cast expensive winning spells. Hermit Druid is a creature that helps to put most of the library in your graveyard in search for a forest. Used in combination with Living Death, it can be devastating. On the utility artifacts side, Ensnaring Bridge at three mana makes attacking only the creature with power equal or lower than your hand size, and Horn of Greed, another three mana artifact lets you draw one whenever a player plays a land.

Stronghold is also famous for the power of slivers. The all combining abilities creature this time got their Sliver Queen, a huge 7/7 at five different mana cost that creates 1/1 sliver tokens with just two mana. As for the other slivers, most of them colourless are strong as well, like Hibernation Sliver that makes anyone to be taken back in hand as an instant for two life, and Crystalline Sliver that gives anyone shroud. Spike Feeder as a representative of the spike creatures is a nice three mana dude that gives you up to four life in exchange for its counters. The last important card is Mana Leak, the two mana permission spell that counters any card unless its controllers pays three.

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