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The Dark


After the large amount of new stuff provided by Legends, The Dark returns to the trend of small 8 cards pack instead of the previous fifteen. The set itself has yet to be remembered as a good one, but back in the days the quality of the cards was in a secondary level, after the speed of releasing new products. This wasn't enough to justify only a few playable cards, but let's see them in alphabetical order. Ball Lightning is a 6/1 red creature, and first of its race. It has haste, trample and an insanely low cost of three red. But it has to go away at the end of the turn, which makes it a double lightning bolt most of the time. Efficient. Blood Moon, the red enchantment that scares everyone. With three mana it transforms each nonbasic land into just mountains, forever.

Good bye multicolored lands. Elves of Deep Shadow, the goth sister of Llanowar, has the same ability that gives black mana, but it deals one damage for it. Maze of Ith, finally a land. The Maze became a part of many control decks recently, mostly because it's a land, its only requirement is to be tapped, and its tap ability removes one attacker from combat, damage included. Tivadar's Crusade, a white sorcery spell mostly ended in sideboard cards for darker times. Its effect is to destroy all goblins in play, and it's strictly recommended as a sideboard only if the Goblin deck is played too much to pone a problem in tournaments. Tormod's Crypt is a famous zero mana artifact that while sacrificed, exiles all target player's graveyard from the game. A total banish of reanimator strategies or flashback cards. Last, even not that famous, Scavenger Folk, a small 1/1 guy that paying one green and dying takes away any artifact from play, making its sacrifice worth it. 

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