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Welcome to Theros! Choose your god, praise your hero or wait for a divine intervention. The latest Magic: The Gathering sets focus on Greek mythology as its main folklore, in a series of themed mechanics and introducing the new concept of “Enchantment Creature / Artefact ’’. While “Heroic” is an ability that boosts small creatures for being outrageous, “Monstrous” is its own opposite, making bigger ones far more dangerous. Famous examples are “Anax and Cymede”, of which theHeroic ability grants you +1/+1 to all your horde and trample when targeted or “Polukranos, world-eater” that monstrified will kill all your opponents on board and go for its life points!


But heroes and legendary beasts are not the only part of this environment. Gods have the bigger share of control here, showing themselves as indestructible “Enchantment Creature” but shy enough to require “Devotion” for them to be moved. Curious enough? “Devotion” ability works with the amount of a single mana colour you possess, activating powerful abilities or making the God cards turn into creatures, if you match their requirements. Each colour has its own God and each God wants a minimum devotion of 5 for being used, such as “Thassa, God of the Sea”: 5/5 that will remain as an enchantment if you don't control a devotion of 5 blue mana. Seems fair, but I talked about enchantment right? Well, the new cross-breed of permanents introduced by Theros is Enchantment stuff. Gods are keen to satisfy their beloved followers and once in a while they leave presents around, such as their legendary weapons (Enchantment Artefact) or sending emissaries to help them (Bestow Creatures).


So you're lucky enough or devoted enough to find a powerful weapon? If we all stick to Thassa, then her Bident will suit us: “Bident of Thassa” is an Artefact Enchantment that makes you draw when one of your creatures deals damage to an opponent. Seems cool. But in case your creatures are too small to break through? Bestow them! “Bestow” is the last ability of Theros, making some specific creatures being cast as themselves or powerful Auras. “Thassa Emissary” (we still like blue, right?) is a 3/3 Enchantment Creature that makes you draw when deals combat damage... or can be casted for Bestow to become an Aura that gives +3/+3 and the same ability to the enchanted Creature. Oh and never forget that if something happens to your beloved devotee, the aura creature will stay in play as himself.


Even though the new mechanics fit perfectly in the Set Theme, Theros wants to bring something back or the past as well. The powerful Thoughtseize, considered the best discard spell ever printed and the “scry” mechanic. Scry is an ability that is always being liked by players, returning back in the form of new 5 dual lands (yes, scry lands!) and a spell cycle for each colour. So much fun for a single set so far, but if you wish to finish with a blast, try the new Hydra deck challenge as well!

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