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Timeshifted is a series of old cards reprinted within the booster pack of Time Spiral. To push the time collapsing theme, this old glory should magically appear in booster packs in one-of from old times, but of course everything is calculated and they are perfectly legal and playable like the normal set. All the cards are coming all from sets before the Tenth edition, and they keep the old card frame as well. The first two cards that pop in mind are Psionic Blast and Arena. The first one is the only ever blue burn spell and comes straight from A-B-Unlimited. Arena is a former promotional card, given out in books in the early years of the game. Three other old cards came in fitting the future Modern environment perfectly, Spike Feeder, Wall of Roots and Tribal Flames. Wall is a good mana accelerator and blocker, Feeder will go comboing with Archangel of Thune, and Tribal Flames with all the dual lands is basically a five damage sorcery.

Other cards printed are basically for their fame, like Nicol Bolas, the legends elder dragon, Akroma, the white angel-beast, or Avalanche Riders, a long glorious hasty red with a Stone Rain attached to it. Other cards that made a good comeback are Stormbind from Ice Age, which fits red and green decks perfectly, Fiery Justice that will help future Kavu Predator decks, Bad Moon, the black Crusade and Desert that populated the mana base of controls for a long time in standard. Many other cards like Pendelhaven or Lightning Angel are also good reprints, as seen played many times. Cards like Thornscape Battlemage, Avatar of Woe, Shadowmage Infiltrator, Shadow Guildmage and Krosan Skyscraper are making a comeback - not many strategies will use them, but just in case they are there. All the other cards are pure flavour instead, like Prodigal Sorcer, Moorish Cavalry and Squire. 

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