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Torment the second set after Odissey, which can be classified as Madness. Mostly because this is the ability that identifies the set as, due to the mechanic that made an entire new archetype. Madness is an ability that lets you play specific cards while discarded for an alternative mana cost. Arrogant Wurm, a 4/4 that then goes in for 3, Basking Rootwalla, a 1/1 to 3/3 for zero and Circular Logic, a counterspell equal to the number of cards in your graveyard. Powered up by discarding card over Aquamoeba and flashback spells like Deep Analysis, all in the same set. The same set that gives loads of power to monoblack, with Nantuko Shade, a 2/1 with two, with a classic +1+1 for one, but its cheap cost makes it much stronger, or Cabal Coffers, a land that gives black equal to the number of swamps, Chainer's Edict, a sorcery diabolic edict, but with flashback, Cabal Ritual, a Dark Ritual that gives 5 with threshold, and most of all Mutilate, a -1/-1 for each swamps in play, like a black wrath of god.

Other potential broken cards are the Dreams, with on top Devastating Dreams, the red sorcery that deals X and makes people sacrifice X lands equal to the cards discarded after two red mana. Also red Grim Lavamancer, a future staple card for the color, that transmutes two unused cards in the graveyard into one shock while tapped. Ichorid is a black creature that from the graveyard can come back instead, exiling another black creature in upkeep and gaining haste. On the common and uncommon front, black gains Mind Sludge, a discard spell with five, that takes our cards equal to swamps and a series of swamp based dual lands that works with the black basic in play only.

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