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Sometimes we need to make fun of our serious business. Magic is not outside of this consideration, and Wizards was thinking about that too when they released Unglued. The set is the first non legal outside your kitchen set and it's made on the pure intention of laughing about our favourite game. Joking cards, whacky abilities, non sense card text, everything is set up to have fun and make fun of every myth, rule or competition about the game itself. 83 silver bordered cards, with the exception of the first full art basic lands, that became famous in their own way, accepted by a lot of players as a good way to have good times.


Beside the fun factor, the cards differ from the normal ones from outrageous illustrations, most of them with unique features dedicated to the card, like milk drops over Krazy Kow, or a destroyed card frame with Growth Spurt. Aside from an exaggerating amount of chickens around the set, its mechanics to keep the randomness on, they are mostly decided by a six sided die roll, or some physical action required by the player itself. Cards like Jack In A Mox work similar to the original one, but you need to roll a die to know which mana you will get or if  it deals you 5 damage and gets sacrificed, sigh. Others, like Knight Of The Hokey Pokey, require you to activate its ability doing the well known kids dance.

But aside from die roll and actions, other cards are there to make fun of the magic environment, like Look At Me, I'm The DCI, it's a sorcery that makes you BAN (yes, ban!) a card from the current game, or Chaos Confetti and Blacker Lotus that requires the player to tear the card into pieces for activating it, as the legend of the famous Chaos Orb player tells. All the others are a galore of stupidness, funny illustrations and thematics, all for the sake of laughing. 

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