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It seems that at Wizards people like to laugh and also print cards about that, in this sequence after the first fun set called Unglued, Unhinged was born. If one fun set wasn't enough to explore different ways to approach the game, Unhinged will go more to the sarcastic way of the entertainment. One of them, Gleemax became the name of the Wizards forums, as the card itself makes you decide the target over any effect and ability in play, even though it only costs one million mana to play. But that's where Mox Lotus comes in help, as the 15 colorless mana artifact is tapped for endless (yes, exactly) amount of mana, then for just 100 you can add transmute one in another colour. Start counting.


Some cards take advantage in the game in some absurd ways, like Richard Garfield legend that makes you play cards like they were others in the same mana cost, or R&D secret Lair, that makes you play all the cards with no errata, or Staying Power, that nullifies the “until end of turn” part on those abilities, creating huge mess (and laughs) among the game. This time, instead of Chickens, the animal of adoption is the ass, or donkey, symbolized in its own land, City of Ass, that gives one mana and a half.

Exactly what requires the Little Girl to enter play, half mana. Some cards are making fun of existing ones, like Meddling Kids, that makes unplayable any card with a chosen four letter word in its text, or Necro Impotence a slightly worse Necropotence that keeps you tapped, but who cares, you draw with just ½ life points and not one. A lot of them is still mentionable, but all of them are equally stupid, so I will choose Mana Screw, a flip a coin artifact that gives you two colourless sometimes, or Rocket Powered Turbo Slug, that with its own Super Haste, comes into play a turn earlier of being cast. 

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