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After Alpha and Beta, literally several months later, Wizards of the coast was happy to celebrate the huge success of the game, and at the same time, they liked to differentiate the early sets from the newest one, and they introduced the plague of white border. Unlimited is the first one that opened the series of core sets printed in white until the Magic2010 decision of going all black. The sate contains the exact same cards as the first two, but being noticeably awful in comparison to the other sets, the value of the cards is slightly worse. Still, with all the power nine cards, the duals are not really cheap cards, but they have been the choice for many players to collect these power cards for tournament or leisure play without being ripped off, even though the impression of less value from the first two is still in the air.

Unlimited value is also lower by another factor, print run. The game and its fame were established in a really short period of time, and this new release has four times the printing run as beta, passed from 10 millions to 40. This means there are many white bordered Black Lotus around, closed in shelves, forgotten in the attic or who knows where, destroyed or eaten by dust. But, as the previous two, the set was shortly sold out. Recognized the huge power level of certain cards, this is the last set where certain ones are stopped to being printed, for their second market value and for the imbalance of power they bring to the game. Other cards, less powerful in comparison, were removed from the future core sets, like Cyclopean Tomb or Gauntlet of Might, to keep the first ones as a one of a kind sets, and leave some value for the future.

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