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Urza's Destiny

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Urza's Destiny

Urza's Destiny


We still like Urza, but he has to leave, so for thanking us he raises again the number of broken stuff before going away. Destiny starts in alphabetical order with Academy Rector, a combo creature that can fetch an enchantment and bring it into play when dies, and casually, its main target is another Destiny card, Yawgmoth's Bargain. Bargain has to be evaluated by itself as probably the single strong combo piece. A six mana enchantment trades one life for one card, anytime you like. It means I pay five I draw five, and I can continue. Most of the time you find yourself losing 19 and drawing nineteen. Pretty much broken.


Then we have Metalworker, a creature that gives you plenty and plenty of colourless mana, particularly two for each artifact revealed from hand. At three mana, revealing four and getting eight seems a bit too powerful, but that's it. Other memorable pieces are Opposition, a blue enchantment whose ability is to tap one creature you control to tap any target permanent, or Opalescence, an enchantment that turns every other enchantment into creatures, which works pretty well with another card of the set, Replenish, that brings all enchantment cards back from the graveyard. Green also offers something remarkable, like Rofellos, a green legendary elf that adds one green mana for each forest you control, which basically doubles your mana each turn starting from the second.

Plow Under is another good Sorcery that puts two target lands on the top of its controller library, that works pretty well with Rofellos. Last two pieces control likeness cards, Powder Keg a permanent destroyer equal to charge counters on itself, and Treachery a “free” control magic, costing 5 and untapping five lands afterwards. Last but not least, a cycle of uncommon cards exile a kind of card from the game and all the other copies from hand and library, particularly Sowing Salt for nonbasic lands, Eradicate for creatures and Splinter for artifacts.

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