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Urza's Legacy


Urza is not tired to leave powerful cards around, and then a second set is released. Less impactful than the first one, Legacy still has many choices to be happy. Screaming combo cards, like Memory Jar, an artifact that when sacrificed leaves your hand aside and makes you draw other seven, or Grim Monolith, a two mana version of Mana Vault are the cup of tea of the set, but other nice calling are around.


Palinchron is a blue flying fatty that made an infinite mana possibly built with Mana Flare. It pays seven, untaps seven, makes it possible to tap fourteen, use seven untap seven save seven, and with four mana bounce it back, so three are left around every time to arrive to an infinte amount. Goblin Welder is also another artifact oriented card, a red one drop that is just for tapping, switches one artifact in play with anyone in the graveyard, to perform sick combos and tricks. But if the rare side is not numerous as the other set, the uncommon team is super strong with a cycle of animable lands, one for each colour, with Treetop Village being the most used among everyone, making it a proper 3/3 trample for free.

Mother of Runes, a white one drop that gives protection from any colour you choose to one target creature is also a staple in weenie decks, Engeneered Plague, a -1/-1 only for the creature type you like to disrupt, and Avalanche Riders, a 2/2 haste with a Stone Rain built in. The leftover uncommon that needs its own space is Tinker, a three mana blue sorcery, that with the additional cost of sacrificing any artifacts, can bring into play any other one directly from the library, famous for giving away some stupid stuff for Memory Jar or other important pieces.

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