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Urza's Saga

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Urza's Saga


Remember Urza, the mage that became a planeswalker and stated in the history of magic? Now he's got his own set and it's up to his fame. Saga is a multilevel volcano of strong cards that is difficult to choose where to start. Let's begin from the low level, lands. Gaea's Cradle, Tolarian Academy and Serra's Sanctum. Three multi mana lands that give respectively one green for each creature in play, one blue for each artifact and one white for each enchantment. So broken that the Academy had to be banned outside of Vintage. Moving to the colorless territory, Phyrexian Processor, a huge token maker that gives stats equal to the life points using while casting it, Smokestack, a sacrifice outlet for all players, that have many decks built around it, Temporal Fissure, a play that card for free from the top, Mishra's Helix a multiland tapper, then Voltaic Key, the excellence of artifact untappers, one for playing, one for untapping.


If this is not enough, let's talk about blue and its pay the mana then untap equal number of lands, then about Time Spiral, a Timetwister with this untap ability built in, Stroke of Genius, a three plus X instant card drawer, Turnabout, another instant to untap or tap all target player's permanents, and Windfall a mini Wheel of Fortune. But it's not over, as black gains Duress, a powerful discard spell and Yawgmoth's Will, probably the strongest single sorcery for the color, that lets you play all the stuff from the graveyard again. White is a bit distracting, but green and red got respectively Abundance, choose what you want to draw enchantment, then Sneak Attack, a throw into play that fatty enchantment, then Goblin Lackey, a one drop that justifies himself the build of a goblin deck. Plus, many other unmentioned cards that make this set the strongest ever printed after Beta.

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