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The second set of Mirage block, Visions, continues with a good quality of design and cards. Compared to the previous one, Visions offers more tournament level cards, of which some of those are still played right now. For example, Vampiric Tutor is a black version of the the uncommon Mirage ones, but paying two life can put any card on top without revealing it, and it's currently part of most of the combo decks in eternal formats.


Tithe is another instant but white, and similar to land tax as an effect, as it permits you to find a plains through the deck, then an additional one if you control less lands. Tithe is a good choice for white weenie decks to run less crowded manabases and still play. Then Natural Order, a green sorcery that in exchange of a green creature will bring into play any green monster you like, that nowadays has become Craterhoof Behemoth in Elves combo decks. These three are still good nowadays, but some of the others were really famous at their time and incomparably strong. For example, Rainbow Efreet was the blue control decks beater of choice. The 3/1 flyer at 4 mana can phase out and evade removal and mass removals.

City of Solitude makes you fight against permission decks instead, as it makes people play spells only in their own turns. Zhalfirin Crusader is also another example of nice small beaters with good abilities. His two mana activation redirect one damage to another target many times you pay for it, notorious for killing many other creatures in combat. Prosperity and Squandered Resources were two more than famous cards, being part of that time nightmare deck: Prosperous Bloom. The black green blue deck was gaining tons of mana with prosperity and Cadaverous Bloom, then Squandered Resources gives additional boost to cast a huge prosperity, draw tons of cards, discard for mana then a twenty or more Drain Life.

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