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Last part of the Mirage cycle, Weatherlight was known as more like an utility set, more focused in support card rather than own build around me kind of cards. Abeyance and Null Rod are a good example of this. Abeyance is a white instant that for the current turn while played, makes target player unable to cast spells and activate non mana abilities, then let you draw a card. This spell was crucial in many combo decks to stop countermagic or vice versa to stop creature abilities as well. Null Rod is an artifact that will directly stop from working any artifact in play, mana ability included, and at its low cost of two, became a good sideboard card or even maindeck. Firestorm was also famous at that time, as with just one mana and discarding cards, it can wipe out entire boards of creatures.


Passing to uncommons, Gaea's Blessing is an all time favourite. The two mana green sorcery makes you reshuffle up to three cards, draw a card and, if put into the graveyard directly, reshuffles the entire graveyard including itself. Gemstone Mine is also another famous land, that with three charge counters will be destroyed when it runs out, but removing one will give you one mana of any colour.

Aura of Silence, going to the side of useful tools, is an enchantment that makes opponents artifacts and aura spells costing two more, and if sacrificed provides a Disenchant effect. But if uncommons were good, commons are defendable as well. On the creature side Ophidian, a 1/3 serpent was famous for giving card advantages to controls, while Rogue Elephant is the first 3/3 with one mana, at the additional cost of sacrificing one land. Mind Stone and Empyrial Armor are also mentioned in many decks, the first one as a colourless artifact accelerator that provides a card if sacrificed and the second an aura enchantment that provides +1/+1 for each card in hand.

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