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The second set of Zendikar is already well known for bringing two of the most broken cards ever printed among others in recent years. Jace, The Mind Sculptor is the first guess, as the blue planeswalker is the only kind with four abilities, and as all of the effects are strong, it is played whenever possible in any format possible and made a new reconsideration about card pricing. Before this Jace, the chase rares or mythics didn't surpass a certain level, but this made to a value comparable to the old magic cards, and so the trend followed afterwards to others.


The second easy guess is Stoneforge Mystic. The white equipment bringer is a pure card advantage and mana cheater, as it can easily put expensive stuff in play as instant, after searching for it when coming into the battlefield. Aside from the two highest rated ones, Worldwake brings a new strong animable land cycle. These new versions are dual lands of allied colours, and all of them are equipped with good abilities. Celestial Colonnade (the blue white) and Raging Ravine (red green) are already a staple in many decks in modern, but all the other three are played when needed, as no one dislikes a double mana land that can be used to beat in late game.

The set brings nice cards overall and among them some got their light spot, like Vintage pet card Lodestone Golem, a 5/3 creature that makes non artifact spells cost more and at the base of MUD decks, Terastodon, a huge green fatty, known for its ability to destroy up to three permanents in exchange for a 3/3 token. On the common and uncommon front, we have Smother (a good low cost removal), Tectonic Edge (a balanced kind of Wasteland), Bojuka Bog (a land with a Tormod's Crypt effect attached) usually played by Knight of The Reliquary decks. 

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