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Zendikar is a new big set of Magic the Gathering, which brings a higher power level, new and old abilities back to the tournament scene. This set is more land centered than its predecessor and the new ability called Landfall is a good example, because the ability works as a triggered effect each time a land comes into the battlefield on your side. To be more effective on this side is where Zendikar comes best, as a brand new set of fetchlands are being printed. Onslaught ones are chased rares already, and Zendikar ones have already fallen into this category, with Scalding Tarn and Misty Rainforest on the top of the standings.


On the opposite side, ability lands also had a good impact - Valakut the Molten Pinnacle is a key piece of Scapeshift combo deck, Oran Rief the Vastwood a good green decks addiction and Emeria, Sky Ruin a key piece in white Life decks, to bring back Marty of Sands in late game for free. The creatures of this set will not fall short from land triggers, as Oracle of Mul-Daya is a well known multi land enabler and Bloodghast comes into play creature from the graveyard each time for its landfall trigger, and Lotus Cobra that gives an additional mana with its trigger. New planeswalkers are coming as well, with a new incarnation of Chandra and a brand new Sorin Markov, which is a deep mono black guy, but really effective.

Switching to theme-based cards, there are two cycles of cards that are considered for tournament play - traps and ascension enchantments. Traps are spells that have the good requested ability which can be played by zero as a trap exactly, and ascension are enchantments that are boost abilities or effects after their requirements are triggered. Mindbreak Trap and Pyromancer Ascension are the two most common ones, as well as Summoning Trap in aggressive decks. 

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