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Antiquities, the second MTG expansion, is all about one of the most appreciated card types ever: artifacts. The set keeps a high profile in manipulating colorless permanents among lands and utility cards, while including many colored cards to fulfill special needs. The two most powerful cards in Antiquities are apparently Candelabra of Tawnos and Mishra’s Workshop. The first one is an artifact that untaps X target lands after its tapped and X cost is paid. The second is a well known land that gives three mana (yes, three) for casting artifact spells. These two are also the most unique cards in the set because they didn’t have any reprints and therefore their values are immense.


Antiquities has also got other good cards that have been reprinted many times. Urza’s Power Plant, Urza’s Mine and Urza’s Tower are lands “abused” whenever they are available. If all three of them are in play, seven colorless mana will be generated, which gives a happy boost to your mana pool for playing broken spells in early game. Another two different lands are Strip Mine, a land that can destroy another one when it’s sacrificed, and Mishra’s Factory, the first ever animable land that also gives +1/+1 to its similars. All these five lands were also printed in four different illustrations, with each illustration representing one of the four seasons. Later on, only one of them was chosen to be reprinted, leaving the others to the Antiquities set only.

On the colored side of the set, blue has got Hurkyl’s Recall, a two mana instant that bounces all artifacts back to their owner’s hand. Red has Atog, a two mana creature that gives himself a boost of +2/+2 for each artifact he eats, as well as the blowout Shatterstorm, a four mana sorcery that works as a “wrath of god” for all artifacts in play.

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