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Shortly after the release of Beta, Magic had become so successful that it required a so-called expansion set. Expansions are nowadays the norm of the game, alternated by an annual core set with reprints. As the first expansion ever, Arabian Nights contains brand new cards as well as a unique theme, which has become another characteristic that defines expansion sets from the core ones. The set itself gets its folklore from the famous Arabian tales, with a theme constructed around djinns, efreet, magic lamps, warriors and desert environments. But as many tales tell, power comes with a cost, and this was translated into the cards as drawbacks.


The Arabian Nights got many famous and iconic cards, like the black Juzam Djinn, the first ever 5/5 creature with four mana, which requires only 1 life point each turn to keep it, or Bazaar of Baghdad, a land that allows you to draw two cards and discard three, which became famous later with the introduction of the Madness mechanic, as it can interact really well with the discard-to-play ability. The Library of Alexandria is another superstar land of the set, for it can give you either one colorless mana, or let you draw a card if you have exactly seven cards in your hand - pretty strong indeed. City of Brass, another land that gives one mana of any color for 1 damage, is also a famous and frequently played one.


Some cards that have never been seen again later include Ali From Cairo, a four mana red creature that keeps your life points no less than 1 and omits your death, or Serendib Djinn, a 5/6 flyer with a cost of four and requires a land to be sacrificed each turn for keeping it on your board. Its smaller brothers Serendib Efreet, a 3/4 flyer with a cost of three with 1 damage during upkeep, and Erhnam Djinn have got a luckier future, as they got reprinted later and were played in many decks.

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