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Avacyn Restored, the conclusion set of the Innistrad block and saga, came in a strange flavor. The flagship cards of the set are for sure Cavern of Souls and Restoration Angel. The non-basic land Cavern of Souls lets you choose a creature type and gives you one mana of any color to play it while making it uncounterable. It is a staple in many formats whenever a strong tribe deck needs it, including Merfolk, Goblins and Elves in Legacy, as well as any sub-types that have to come into play without troubles, such as humans, the scariest tribe in the Standard format of that time. Restoration Angel is a white flash flyer that comes into the battlefield with the ability to exile a target non-Angel creature you control and put it back into play afterwards. More than a combat trick, it’s famous for enabling Snapcaster Mage’s flashback ability more than once, as well as making Kiki-jiki, Mirror Breaker an instant killer in Modern.

Aside from the two mentioned cards, the others from Avacyn Restored are considered high level in play due to the ability called miracle. Miracle lets you play a card with an alternative casting cost if it is the first card you draw during that turn. Not every curd could make the cut, but Legacy tools such as Sensei’s Divining Top made Terminus, a one mana miracle cost sweeper, and Entreat the Angels, a X 4/4 angel tokens producer staple card slots. Bonfire of the Damned didn’t make the requirement for Legacy, but in Standard it got tons of plays and in Modern it has seen a bit of appearance as well. The red sweeper costs double X plus one red that deals X damage to your opponent and his or her creatures, but it costs just X plus one when miracle is triggered, so it’s easy to understand why it became so popular and was played in Jund or other builds.

Another ability that made impact on the game is Soulbond. Soulbond is a creature based ability - the enabled creature has to be paired with another one and two of them keep the bonus until both stay in the battlefield. When cards like Wolfir Silverheart that gives +4/+4 to itself and another one, or Lightning Mauler that gives haste are hitting play, the difference is noticeable.

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