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Betrayers of Kamigawa, similar to every Japanese story out there, passes through hard times and the word “Betrayers” in the title explains it all. The second set of the Kamigawa saga offers many ways of disruption and demise, and even though it’s considered not so powerful, it still has got some iconic cards. If Toshiro Umezawa, a black legend has never seen the light of play, his sword Umezawa’s Jitte is one of the strongest equipments made so far. Cost and equip at two, it needs to deal damage to get two charge counters and removing one of those gives you three options of -1/-1 to any creature, +2/+2 to the equipped one, or gain two life. It’s broken enough to destroy entire creature based gameplays in all formats.


Another build-around card that appeared in the beginning and has been revamped lately is Goryo’s Vengeance. The black instant can reanimate with haste any legendary creature, and if previously its splice onto Arcane feature was for reusing Kagemaro, First to Suffer or some Kamigawa dragons, now its targets have rotated to Emrakul, the Aeons Torn or Griselbrand. Ninjutsu is a mechanic in specific Ninjas that is used many times, as the effect lets you exchange an unblocked attacker with one ninja creature and then use its damage effect.


Ninja of the Deep Hours makes you draw a card, or Okiba-Gang Shinobi which makes the opponent discard two, Mistblade Shinobi with Unsummon’s effect are all cards that see play more than often back then and now. Most of them are blue cards, but the tricky color for excellence offers other options, like Kira, Great Glass-Spinner, a 2/2 legend well known for protecting hordes everywhere, or Threads of Disloyalty, a control magic for low-cost creatures that have stolen a lot of Tarmogoyf.

Another cycle of strange but used cards is the shoals, which are a cycle of five pitch spells with an X factor that is determined by the cost paid or by the converted cost of a removed card. The red Blazing Shoal was famous in infect decks for giving +9/+0 to creatures as an instant without mana cost by removing Greater Gargadon or other fat stuff, or Disrupting Shoal, a counterspell equal to the mana spent or card removed.

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