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Released in 2006, Coldsnap was presented as the long forgotten last set of the Ice Age block. In many players’ minds aside from the theme, it seemed that Wizards wanted to start having a fourth expansion each year before starting the trend of printing duel decks. From the three expansions plus a core set, now there are four new sets each year, and Coldsnap is a start of this trend.


Being also legal in Standard during that time, the set got its edge in playing and later on in Extended (which was replaced by Modern). Coldsnap revamps the snow permanents mechanic with some trigger abilities or requirements used by snow mana (any mana produced by any snow permanent). Talking about snow permanents, Scrying Sheets is probably the most famous one, a land that lets you look at the top card and put it into your hand if it is of snow type. So, with snow lands and snow permanents, everything can be taken with Scrying Sheets and used as a card advantage in any colored deck.


The other famous land is Dark Depths. Looking at it in a normal situation, it is a land that does something after a long time - after 10 turns you get a 20/20 token. But it created a combo with Vampire Hexmage, whose ability lets you remove all counters from a permanent. Passing from land to creatures, Ohran Viper is the most played one in the whole set. The 1/3 green beater has deathtouch while letting you draw a card when it deals damage to the opponent. Haakon, Stromgald Scourge is an odd kind, as it can be played from the graveyard only, but it lets you do that with all the other knights... or tribal spells with knight (i.e. changeling ones). Putting rares aside, the most important card of the set is the uncommon enchantment Counterbalance. The two mana blue enchantment counters everything that has the same cost as your top card, and when it’s used together with Sensei’s Divining Top, it created one of the best (or worst) control decks ever, Countertop.

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