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Conflux, the second set of the Alara block, is not remembered as being a strong one, but for having just a few selected good cards which justify the whole set. Starting from the instants side, Path to Exile is the updated version of Swords to Plowshares. The white exile spell is the Modern removal of comparison right now, and each deck splashing white has four copies of it. On the creature front, three of them overshadow the others: Noble Hierarch, a 0/1 one drop exalted creature that gives Bant colors an acceleration, Progenitus, the biggest monster before the Eldrazis with protection from everything and no fear of anything, and Knight of the Reliquary, a multi-format superstar able to be incomparably big within a small number of turns with its ability to sacrifice lands while getting them from the library.


On the other hand, Nicol Bolas returned from Legends, this time as a planeswalker. The eight mana Nicol Bolas, Planeswalker is one of the most resolutive plays if you can untap with it a turn later, as it can destroy non-creatures, control creatures, with a fatal final. Other minor cards are Inkwell Leviathan, a big artifact monster with shroud, trample and islandwalk, famous for being a sideboard beater achieved by Tinker in Vintage, and cards with unearth ability. Unearth lets you replay some creatures once from the graveyard - they gain haste and are exiled at the next end step. Hellspark Elemental, the red 3/1 with trample and haste at two mana is the most played around, and sometimes Extractor Demon made some appearance. Other than these two, Volcanic Fallout, the uncounterable red instant that deals 2 damage to each player and creature is used in many formats to fight aggressive control decks.

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