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Dark Ascension is the second set out of Innistrad block, and differently from its predecessor it came  out rich in flavour and good in power level. The set continues with the werewolf, vampire, horror theme, as well as the flip over cards. Rather than spells, the set is known best for its creatures that made impact in Standard and Modern, and some of them also became stars in legacy as well.


The first mention goes to Thalia, Guardian of Thraben. The white two drop is already a good beater, 2/1 first strike, but what makes the clock tickle is that her static ability makes every non creature spell cost 1 colorless more. Highly appreciated in Legacy and Vintage is a staple in Maverick and Death & Taxes decks. The second one is Huntmaster of the Fells for sure. The master is a transform flip 2/2 that makes another 2/2 when entered in play or flipped to the “good side”.

On its back there is a rampageous 4/4 trample, that when appeared it deals 2 damage to a player and one of its creatures. The scary human werewolf is already played in Modern Jund and other decks, and dominated the standard environment for almost two years. Although other good cards are not so high ended, they also had their spotlight in play and are currently high played in Commander as well. Falkenrath Aristocrat, the 4/1 flier that becomes indestructible at the sacrifice of a creature cost, Gravecrawler and Geralf Messenger at the base of zombies decks and Grafdigger's Cage, which is a good sideboard option to stop Birthing Pod decks and recursion from the graveyard. Undying is one of the abilities that made cut in play, with Strangleroot Geist being its champion and Flayer of the Hatebound an odd inclusion in reanimator decks, for it comes into the battlefield ability that deals damage.

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