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As the second set of Karn voyage through Mirrodin, it's all about being tough - the introduction of the keyword “Indestructible”. The ability immune to the destroying part of the rules. Wrath of God? No. Combat Damage? No. The only way is exile, sacrifice or giving a 0/0 stat to a creature. But Darksteel is the set that started to make the “affinity” deck a high rate superstar. Arcbound Ravager, Darksteel Citadel and Arcbound Worker are the cards that together with affinity beast Frogmite and Myr Enforcer are making the deck fast and deadly.


One artifact that was once part of this and many other broken plays is Skullclamp. The one mana one activates, gives +1-1 and lets you draw two cards if the equipped creature dies, and so far any 1 toughness becomes a Divination, turning small dude decks into combo pieces. However, Skullclamp got some bannings around for being too effective, and we are left only with two other super strong equipments, Sword of Fire and Ice and Sword of Light and Shadow. The first two of the swords cycle provide equipped creatures with two protections and a couple of handy abilities, and rapidly got attention in multiple formats.

Aether Vial is another super card - the uncommon artifact lets you put in play creatures for free when tapped, equal to the number of counters on it. Another useful tool is Blinkmoth Nexus, a land that turns into a flying creature with an ability similar to Mishra's Factory to giving +1/+1 to others. One of the interesting cycles is the Pulses as well, three mana instant cards that have different effects and with a certain condition can be taken back in hand instead of the graveyard while played. The white one, Pulse of the fields, gives you four life and if you are still lower than your opponent, it can be taken back and replayed and is a nice tool against burn decks. The last mention is to Reshape, a blue artifact tutor that requires another one to be sacrificed and a mana equal to one to get, famous for getting 0 cost and Black Lotus / Lotus Bloom into play.

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