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Act number three of the Ravnica, City of Guilds saga, Dissension is dedicated to the last three guilds, Azorius, Simic and Rakdos. All the guilds like before have their own dual land, respectively Hallowed Fountain, Breeding Pool and Blood Crypt, and all the signet and bouncelands. Azorius,  the white blue, is for colour choice more control oriented, and their leader Grand Arbited Augustin IV, a played legend at that time and in Commander, is a 2/3 legend that makes your white and blue spells cheaper and your opponents’ more costly. The second famous one for the slow guild is Dovescape. The hybrid enchantment is going straight into Enduring Ideal builds, as it counters any spell around and turns them to 1/1 creatures, and the full enchantment decks have more plans ahead.


Another yet to be famous overall card is Spell Snare. The single mana, counter target two mana converted spell, is one of the strongest play in Modern, and sees Legacy playing as well, giving it cheap cost and effectiveness. Simic, the green and blue guild, is more on the strange fatty side. Momir Vig, Simic Visionary its gang leader wasn't particularly played, but his pet Simic Sky Swallower is a massive 6/6 flier with shroud, and showed up in many controls and less controls due to its abilities.

The other famous fatty is Tidesprout Tyrant that became famous for being used in Oath of Druid decks in Vintage or Legacy. The Tyrant ability lets you bounce any permanent for any spell played, and in a world of cheap draws and utilities, it's really dangerous. Being half blue, Simic got its counterspell as well, but as the guild is on the transformation side, it can counter any activated or triggered ability as well. Rakdos is the last one, as an aggressive guild doesn't get much edge besides Crypt Champion, at the base of the defunct deck called Project X. As a last mention to the split card cycle, everyone is a double gold colour side, five rares and five uncommons, of which the most famous one is Hit/Run and Crime / Punishment, the latter being a substitute for Pernicious Deed for a while.

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