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Dragon's Maze


Dragon's Maze, the latest set of the new Return to Ravnica cycle, is closing the saga with a mix of all the ten guilds. There were no dual lands this time, but if you're lucky enough, instead of mandatory guildgate in the basic land spot, it could be a rare dual land from the previous two sets. Split cards came back into the game as well in a rare and uncommon cycle, but so far the uncommon ones proved to be more effective: Far/Away, the blue black one with an unsummon and diabolic edict effect, Turn and Burn, a Fire/ice style spell, and Wear/Tear that became the Disenchant of choice for red and white.


Speaking of guild rares, Dragon's Maze has some of the most impactful cards so far in the game and not only for standard. Voice of Resurgence, the selesnya mythic is already a chased card. From Standard to Modern and Legacy, every creature based decks like these two drop - its ability is a nightmare for control and counter decks, making it hard to challenge when after each spell is played in your turn or in case it dies, a nice creature token enters into the battlefield. However, Voice is not the only impactful card - even though Standard is their terrain of choice, Aetherling and Blood Baron of Vizkopa are already superstars.

Aetherling is the so called blue fireball played in a single copy in control decks since its printing, as one of the most effective winning conditions. What makes it so good is the ability to evade mass and spot removals, to be unblockable and to raise its power to put a big clock in the match. The Baron in some way is a friend of him - played in Esper decks to fight creatures, the lifelink 4/4 has protection from black and white, making it hard to kill for most of the removals out there.

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