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Euro Lands


Promotional versions of cards in Magic the Gathering became pretty much common nowadays, but as promotional means, certain cards are linked to certain conditions to be obtained. European Basic Lands set falls perfectly in this category. They come in three different packs, each one with five different basics and each of them with an illustration about an european real landscape, unique in their kind.


The first pack (with a Blue Envelope) was given to players who bought a sealed booster box of Nemesis, and surprised many people at that time. Basic lands are always useful and these sweet illustrated ones amazed many players, which included plains from Scottish Highlands, Island from Denmark, Swamp from Belgium Lowlands, Forest from Germany's Black Forest and Italian Vesuvio Volcano as a Mountain. The operation became appreciated so much that they continued two times, following by Prophecy. The second line (with a red envelope) was better than the previous generation, as displayed by Lowland's Bellflowers in Netherland as a Plains, Italy's Venice as Island, UK Lake District as Swamp, Pyrenees as Mountains and Brocèliande in France as a Forest.

As the trend of collecting these lands for playing was rising, it seemed like the establishment of promo lands with boxes was a statement, so when Invasion came out with the purple envelope, knowing that there probably would not be a third one was disappointing. Still, the latest cycle has pretty good illustrations,with Russian Tundra Landscapes as Plains, Dover Cliffs as Island, the French Camargue as swamp, the mighty Mont Blanc as a mountain, and latest the Robin Hood famous heritage Nottingham Forest as what we can expect. But the demanding of these lands made the “promo guys” aware that they could give them away again with a high appreciation, so ever since 2008, they gave them away with any box purchased in a store, which made many people happy.

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